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Why work at SKA?

A Great Work-Life Balance

There are many great perks at SKA, but the one the employees value the most is the workplace atmosphere.  Summer hours, office sports leagues, organized social events and simple friendly comradery at the coffee maker all make the perfect work-life balance for employees.

Finding A Passion
At SKA, there’s an incredible amount of opportunities to grow. If employees are interested in moving departments or pursuing a new and different career path, they are encouraged to follow their passions. This creates a motivated team of employees with diverse skill sets who are invested in staying with the company.
Collaborative to the Core

Getting face time with Partners can sometimes be a challenge—but not at SKA. From grabbing a cup of coffee to walking down the hallway, partners are known to take the time to stop and listen to a staff member’s ideas. As a result, employees at every level have a voice.