Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides comprehensive Consulting Engineering services throughout all stages of the municipal engineering and land development processes, from land acquisition right up to final acceptance/assumption.


Preliminary Engineering

Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides municipal consulting engineering services for a wide array of preliminary engineering functions.  The firm provides assistance with land acquisition due diligence matters, preliminary engineering investigations, and complete functional and master servicing studies. These exercises generally encompass working with other team members such as urban planners, environmental consultants, transportation consultants, etc. This team approach provides the client with all-inclusive services which lead to a thorough understanding of their projects’ maximum efficiency.  

The firm also provides preliminary consulting engineering services for site plans, including municipal services, site plan grading and on-site stormwater management, to assist in the Site Plan Application processes.

Detailed Design

Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides detailed municipal engineering design services for all facets of their clients’ land development projects. This service includes the detailed engineering design of sanitary and storm sewers and appurtenances, watermains and appurtenances, and complete roadway designs. The detailed engineering design process also typically includes the coordination of other specialist consultants such as geotechnical consultants, environmental consultants, utility/electrical consultants, acoustical consultants and landscape architects. Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. can also provide detailed structural engineering design services through the retaining of structural specialists, either directly as a sub-consultant, or directly for the client.

The firm also provides detailed municipal engineering design services for all site plan servicing, site plan grading and on-site stormwater management to assist in the Site Plan Application process.

As part of their detailed engineering design services, Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides, in conjunction with their contract administration services, a complete quantity take-off service, municipal cost estimating, assistance with clients’ Development Agreement schedules, tendering of municipal works, tender analyses and finalization of municipal servicing contract documents.

Stormwater Management

Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides all stormwater management engineering design services for watersheds from preliminary engineering, including detailed Master Environmental Servicing Plans, to detailed engineering designs and contract administration of various types of stormwater management facilities.

These services include watershed hydrology and watercourse hydraulics, detailed engineering design and contract administration of stormwater management facilities, flood control, and natural channelization, including coordination and/or assistance with Regulation Permit processes. Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. also provides a complete set of design services for the provision of Low Impact Design (LID) works including involvement in the development of applicable design guidelines for various Municipalities and Conservation Authorities. Typically these services are coordinated with other specialist consultants such as hydrogeological, environmental, geomorphologists, arborists and landscape architects.

Contract Administration

Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides consulting engineering contract administration services for all of their associated municipal and stormwater management detailed engineering design services.  These services include assistance with the design team in formulating a complete tender document including quantity take-offs and construction specifications.

During the contract administration services stage of the clients’ projects, Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides resident construction inspection (full-time or part-time depending on the projects’ or clients’ or municipalities’ requirements), coordination of all materials testing, review and preparation of all associated change orders and payment certificates, all post construction inspections for issuance of Substantial Performance documentation and in pursuit of preliminary and final acceptances/assumption of the municipal works, and general assistance to clients on all contractual matters related to their contracts with the constructors.

Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. also assists the client with all Letter of Credit reductions and releases throughout the duration of the project.

Project Management and Support Services

Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides complete and comprehensive project management services to their clients; ranging from cost pro-forma assistance, assistance with Ontario Municipal Board matters relating to municipal and stormwater management engineering, cost sharing and cost recovery matters relating to their projects and expert witness testimony in litigation matters.

In addition to these services, Sabourin Kimble & Associates Ltd. provides complete coordination of their own consulting engineering services with those of other sub-consultants retained by their clients such as urban planners, architects, legal and topographical surveyors, archeological consultants, geotechnical and hydrogeological consultants, environmental and geomorphology consultants, acoustical consultants, utility/electrical consultants, structural consultants, transportation consultants and landscape architects.